Forests are Born in Fire

Wildfires have shaped western landscapes for millennia. Wildfires vary in intensity and occurrence, across regions and vegetation types, elevation and climatic gradients. Forests and fires are as inseparable as oceans and waves. While we play an important role in preventing human-caused wildfires, natural fires will continue to occur. For forests, fires are nature’s broom cleaning out the forest floor and reducing fire risk in the future.  Many plants and animals need fire to thrive.

While Smokey Bear emphasizes fire prevention, he knows that all fire is not bad.  On his official website he tells us about the benefits of fire and how the forests need it to survive.   While we need to protect Smokey’s forest home from human-caused fires, we also need to keep it wild for him to enjoy and focus our efforts on what we can do to protect our homes from wildfire.

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