The Science of Wild Fire

  • The Science of Wild Fire (This is where all of the information we are not able to show in the dotty videos can be located)
    • Good Vs Bad Logging Techniques, Re-Planting, slash fire,
    • external links to TED talks
    • Climate Change
    • Severity of fire
    • Fire Dependent, Fire Adapted, etc. species that do well in fire/need fire
      • Beetles, Lodgepole Pines, Black Woodpecker, black morels, ponderosa pine, Colorado firemoth, western larch, snowbrush, clarks nut cracker, whitebark pine, horntail wasp, quaking aspen, deer mouse, huckleberry bush, Elk, mountain blue bird, grizzly bear (even smokies cousins), lung liverwort, fire moss, fireweed,